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Why Mothers Prayers Are So strong? You got to know –

In Luke 7, Jesus observed a huge funeral procession in Nain. The entire town was present. He observed the young men and women weeping. He observed the pastors and apostles weeping. He observed the elders weeping. He observed the fathers weeping. He observed the children weeping. He observed the sadness on people’s faces. Nothing seemed to move Him, until HE SAW THE MOTHER.

The bible says He had compassion when He saw her and immediately raised her boy from the dead. (Luke 7:12-15). It was the cry of a mother that moved the Heart of God. Still today, Mothers who cry before the Lord for their families, for their marriages, for their homes move the Heart of God.

When Mothers stop praying their families (especially their children) perish. Satan gets a foothold and starts to destroy the home, yet when they return to their rightful place as the anchor of the home, demonic strongholds get demolished. In Psalms 17, 36, 57, 63, and 91 God’s role is likening to that of a Mother.

As a Mother protects, upholds and defends her children, so does God also protect us under the shadow of His Wings. We find refuge there and can hide there until the danger is over.

A mother’s role is so vital that a father cannot get his prayers answered if he dishonours/ disrespects her (1 Peter 3:7). Because, of this favour over mothers, they are also the most attacked persons in the home.

The devil is terrified of Mothers (the powerhouse in the home). Yet the Lord has put inside Mothers grace and resilience to overcome any situation.

Today, As the woman of the home, consider yourself blessed. Consider yourself highly favoured and consider yourself dangerous when you pray !

What do you GAIN from praying to God regularly?

A woman was once asked –

What do you GAIN from praying to God regularly?

She replied –
Usually –
I don’t earn anything, but rather – I lose things !

And she quoted everything she lost praying to

God regularly –

I lost my pride.
I lost my arrogance.
I lost my greed.
I lost my urge.
I lost my anger.
I lost the lust.
I lost the pleasure of lying.
I lost the taste of sin.
I lost impatience, despair, and

Sometimes we pray, not to GAIN something, but to lose things that don’t allow us to grow spiritually.

Prayer educates us – strengthens us and heals us !

Prayer is the channel that connects us directly to God !


Many Christians live a life as though they are not accountable to anyone.
They simply think that life can be lived as they want but the Bible tells us we are accountable for everything that we do, everything that we say, and everything that we lived as well.