Last week we learnt about do not leave the ark instead be in the ark no matter what happens do not leave the ark.

Three kinds of Christians.

Jesus warned His disciples against three types of leaven.

Matthew 16:11 – Jesus warns about leaven of Pharisees and Sadducees.

Mark 8:15 – beware of the yeast of the pharisees and yeast of Herods.

Leaven of Pharisees.

Pharisees are those who follow doctrines, traditions, customs and they are those who are always with dos and donts and they want to make system work right as they have learnt and any deviation from what they have learnt or heard they would be zealous and fight for it. They follow the customs and traditions rather than the God.

They are righteous in their own eyes. They are perfect in their religious doctrines, they do not deviate even a bit but they do not do what God wants, they are filled with proud, arrogance and they think their righteous works have reward while they forget that all our righteous works are filthy rags.

They cannot be corrected and if someone younger person or younger Christian tell them something they get offended and start fighting against that person and find ways so that they would move out.

Leaven of Saducees.

Saducees are those people who believe in the word but not in the power of the word. They do not believe in miracles, Angels, resurrection. They do not believe in spirits, they do not believe in life after Death.

They just think that whatever they do they will be punished but it is not the truth. It’s half truth and half lie.

There are people who know half and they act as though they know it fully. They know little bit of Bible and try to debate and they think whatever they do they can get rid of it.

Mark 8:23-26 – here is one of the incident God teaches something about healing and here is the only place where Jesus prays twice for healing. In all other incidents he prays once or touches once and they are healed.

Leaven of Herod.

Mark 6:20, 22

They want to listen to John the Baptist teaching as well as see the dance of Salome.

These kind of Christians try to be on both the side or Luke warm Christians who takes sides based on their benefits.

They want Christ at the same time they also want entertainment, world.

Mark 8:33 – Jesus tells Peter get thee behind me Satan

If your mind is set on your own interests rather than Gods then we are influenced by Satan.

But the true Christian is the one who will be a disciple and follower of Christ.