Dr P S Kumar
Senior Pastor Founder

I was raised in Andhra Pradesh by my wonderful parents. After completing my high school I joined my college and when I knew Lord personally I joined Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore and with my studies I did village ministry in Whitefied.

Travelling all the way from SABC, Kothnur to Whitefield in cycle was a great experience. Every weekend I used to travel to preach the gospel in Whitefield area. As a result after few times of visiting I could find 1 believer so we started to meet in their house and Church started with two little children.

As days passed by few more families joined and we started the house church and this continued as long I was in my College. I finished my Theological studies and planned to start my ministry in Whitefield. So we took a place and started worshiping on Sunday’s.

After Few years I joined FEBA INDIA through which I could preach in radio and also traveled to different parts of Andhra Pradesh preaching the gospel. I used to work in FEBA and take care of the Church. My wife Rajakumari was very supportive in the ministry.

As Years passed the Church has grown to an extent. We have seen the move of God in the Church. We started with 2 people and the Church has been growing through the years. We had one service and now we have 4 services and many house churches and we also have many village ministries.

God has been faithful in this ministry and I would welcome you to come and be a part of this ministry.